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An old, nasty, non-attractive man trying to hit on a younger girl.
Example 1:
*Creepy Crawler shouting out his car window* - Hey wazz yo name baby gurl!
*girl walking on the street* - Ew no! creepy crawler!

Example 2:
Guy 1 - Damn did you see Steve talking to that younger girl at the party?!?
Guy 2 - Yea, he's such a creepy crawler.

Example 3:

Girl - My history teacher is such a creppy crawler!
Creepy crawler chaser - Lucky!!
Girl - Ew...*walks away*
by wendywilliams July 10, 2011
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My girlfriend was on the rag, and then I felt a creepy crawler followed by a body-rocking experience.
by Goody and Lauren June 25, 2012
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A male who creeps behind his friends who is actually in the closet. He tries to get as close as he can in a dancing environment thinking that no one will notice him; and works. Eventually he will be found out as the guy who is a "Creepy Crawler".
Tom:"Man, this is going to be a fun night".
Jim(standind next to his friend Tom):"Yeah man, these girls are hott!"

Laurence(sneekingly while everyone is in a party mode not noticeing, he slides behind them with a sexual gesture that no straight man approves of)

Jim:"Man, what the hell? Back up you creepy crawler!"
Tim:"You gaying up the area. You always do some dumb shit!"
by Painkiller625 August 01, 2011
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a person who paces market central or any other cafeteria as he eats. usually a male. will also have other strange behaviors such as hiding knives in their sleeves, and switching from table to table. the creepy crawler will not stop walking his path for anything other than food or creeping.
"oh my god, the creepy crawler is back again, just stay out of his path."
by gamgeegirl101 November 12, 2009
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A person who crawls on all fours sniffing ass.
Hey man, if you wanna score some ass i suggest you stand up. You're being a creepy crawler.
by Charlie Maine January 10, 2011
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