the act of being a creeper
You are chatting with a creeper roommate from another room. You look down at the screen to see the words "I see you" and look behind you to see said roommate standing behind you with a very creepy expression on their face. "You are such a creeper" you say. They reply, "Indeed I am a creeper. But you're just jealous to be lacking in my illustrious creepitude. I've got mad skills and it takes a special kind of person to be able to pull off the act of creeping with finesse"
by The Susie Poodle February 14, 2009
Top Definition
Creepiness, but with attitude
At first I thought he was just creepy, but there's something sexy about his creepitude.
by yo-yo-ma August 18, 2010
To emit an aura of extreme unease with style, or to creep people out with pride.
Wow, she has some creepitude about her. Her creepitude gives me the shivers. Her attitude is so creepy she sure has Creepitude.
by pinkfawn June 02, 2015

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