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A mixed drink with a high alcohol volume that's a little more difficult to detect comparing to other drinks of the same volume, typically fairly sweet
Jello shots and mixed drinks with orange juice are typical homemade creeper drinks. Known creeper drinks at a bar are Long Island Iced Tea, Blue Motherfucker, and Tokyo Tea.
by BruhDuhMan August 30, 2012
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A drink that you can drink for hours, but you never feel drunk. However, in actuality you are drunk but you don't know it until you remember the next morning.
Duuude, last night I was kicking back the the mai tais all night and i didn't even feel buzzed. This morning however, I woke up with three midget strippers in my bed, so yea i was definitely drunk, and that was definitely a creeper drink.
by lexxistarr May 09, 2009
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