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Despite names like " geekwood" creekwood middle is the funnest school in the district home to great men like coach mallory who provides a phisical edge and mr.winiki who actually cares about his school and his students it's rival is riverwood middle school:home to rich stoners and hot white girls, creekwoods other neighboring school: which is full of blacks,cholos, and the slutty girls is kingwood middle school. Creekwood middle school, where it's cool to be a colt
Teacher: you can listen to your iPods if you want
Student: Bitch! I listen to my iPod when I wants to
Teacher: I will give you a demerit if you don't behave
Prinicible: darn you child I will call your mother if you don't conduct yourself at creekwood middle school
by Jireeh February 05, 2009
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