A real shitty new-age band that defines their music as rock n' roll. Often mistaken for one crappy band, many creeds exist on our airwaves today.
Nickelback, Puddle of Mudddddddddd, Chevelle, Godsmack and all of these other outfits that they play on the new rock radio station suck so much ass that they are all Creed.
by Howie Feltersnatch January 01, 2004
something that is broken or unusual
Jimmy broke his arm today. His arm is creed.

Crutches are "Creed sticks"
by Jake Day August 15, 2006
1: a group of beleaves
2: a great rock band
"not to discriminate by race,sex or creed"
"creed rock man!"
by jacks August 03, 2003
sok. she said you were crap neway. btw look up stapleton for definition of YOUR mum.
creed are cool - and if its people with a name like dangerous G that diss em - i figure that they vant b tht bad after all. agreed - subject closed.
by madi April 01, 2004
What's with the imitators here? Why are people using my name to say shit about creed? WTF is going on with these donky schlong suckers?
Madi- fuck you

Everyone else- fuck you

Gumba Gumba (the other prick posting as me) - fuck you. A lot. Very hard. Where do you live?
by Gumba Gumba April 12, 2004
What was an awesome band until they got big ass ego's and decided they weren't gonna do it for the faith anymore. DAMN YOU! Thankfully, at least Mark Tremonti and Scott Phillips can still be heard in what is now Alter Bridge. :D
Dude, lead singer may have been suckish at times, but listen to the LYRICS. My Own Prison. Kick ass.
by Squirrelykins June 23, 2005
A true band, not like other bands who are all made of people who can't play instruments. Their vocalist is awesome and hot, their guitarist and their drummer kick ass, and their songs are beautiful. They don't sing about God, really, and the guitarist doesn't believe in organized religion, anyway.
They sing songs about happiness and inspiration, and recovering from hopelessness, even though most of the melodies are very dark-sounding.
by Theaphelia September 13, 2003

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