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The pelvic bone or protrusion there of.
I would like to sit in your creasnis
My creasnis is cold
by David Hicks August 09, 2005
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an indention on the pelvic bone on both sides of the lower stomach : gotten by swimming, lots of pushups/crunches, or just being pretty skinny. if you've got a creasnis, you are freaking lucky.
Person 1: Did you see Scott's creasnis?
Person 2: Its so hardcore! I want him.
by -Hannah- October 15, 2005
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A byproduct of having really nice, sexy lower abs and being skinny enough so that your pelvic bones and lower abs form lines

This word was coined by a GRP cabin in girlsville during the summer of 2004, and has spread like mad to describe guys who are fucking studs.
Ari: yeah my def is the shit, too bad i'm such a fatty and dont have a creasnis...oh btw where did nev go?
Hannah: fuck, that guy has such a sexy creasis, lets have a creasnis sit on stratton bald and lose our virginity, and then flick random objects off. ...tuma' ball tuma' ball...
Ari: Bitch!
Hannah: thats not funny
David: this will kick so much creasnis
by Ari... January 10, 2007
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The most beautiful part of the human body. The crease that is created by the outward extension of the pelvic bone on either side of the lower abdominal area. Usually a result of excessive stomach muscle-building. Widely worshipped by Sherpas in the Himalayas, the creasnis is thought of as a sacred temple in the body that should be respected and well-taken-care-of.
He has a creasnis of generous size, we should roast him on a spit.

My, what a small creasnis you have, have you tried doing some crunches?
by Hannah Breu. July 11, 2006
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