a suggested imaginary subject that is taken by someone who commits otherworldy acts or something looked down upon by others.
1.dude, yo, shelby is on dem crazy pills fo shizzle.

2. the only thang coulda made her do that was them crazy pills she been takin agin
by josh robbins March 22, 2004
Top Definition
pills you take cos your a fucked up psycho
look out! muffy forgot to take her crazy pills today and she's found where the chainsaws hidden!
by sourpuss February 22, 2005
Pills mentioned in Zoolander in which people appear to go crazy. Have recently been used by two crazy girls annoying a stud known as Lonely Chase
Dude did you hear what they just said? They must be on Crazy Pills!
by LBoy19 March 28, 2010
A person with no typing, spelling or grammar skills, in fact no intelligence whatsoever. Usually makes wild impossible claims to make himself seem smarter.
You are a CRAZY PILLS.

You are CRAZY PILLING your way through life.

Your essay was most definately the most CRAZY PILLING peice of shit I ever read.


CRAZY PILLS is masturbating behind the closet.
by 404 May 01, 2003
A retard that thinks he is "uber 133t" and cannot type correctly.

"CrAzY PiLLs: you are idiots read what i say, you might comprend it"
by UrbanDictionaryMaster April 12, 2003
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