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A person who is steppin quite within the realm of crazy.

Any activity used as a substitute for vagina-entry intercourse.
Marco: That was so crazy steppin I think I just shit out my ass!
Leon: Let's shit into each other's asses now!
Marco: Hail Satan!

Julie: Hey baby, you want to have some vagina-entry intercourse?
Rob: Nah, I'd rather go crazy steppin, if you don't mind.
Julie: You never want to have vagina-entry intercourse with me, Robert!
Rob: That's because your vagine looks like it came from KFC!
Rob and Julie's Daughter Monica: Mommy and Daddy stop fighting!
Rob: *Hits daughter in mouth* Go back to your room! Daddy is crazy steppin!!
Julie: Monica! Where did you get that crotchless thong underwear?! You're only 6!

#satan #ralph lauren #pooping on cookies #vanilla ice #pop corn
by Empyrean Deft February 25, 2008
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