A 178 chapter long Frerard (not yet completed) story on theblackparade.net that is the longest story on the site. It's written by Nukyster and features a mentally instable adaptation of Gerard Way and his suicidal 16 year old boyfriend, an adaptation of Frank Iero.
"dude, did you read CLYL on theblackparade.net?"
"Crazy Like You, Lollipop!!"
"Oh, yea man I love that story! It's so long..."
"Yea, but it's pretty amazing."
by babyblue(: November 08, 2010
A 184 chapter unfinished frerard fanfic written by Nukyster. The old site was taken down, and this is the new link theburningprocess dot com slash threads slash crazy-like-you-lollipop-frerard-and-insanity dot 8688
Have you read Crazy Like You, Lollipop?
No because the old site got TAKEN DOWN.
by Blue Jay Bird October 27, 2013

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