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An alcoholic drink consisting of at least 1 shot of every hard liquor mixed with lemon juice.
*The drink is served with a chaser of lemon juice.
*The drink is intended to be slammed, rather then sipped
The boys each slammed a Crazy Eddie before heading out for the night.
by boarderjunkie April 27, 2006
A consumer electronics store chain originally located in the NYC/Tri-state area. Crazy Eddie was best known to sell electronics, appliances, home entertainment, records, tapes, etc. all at the guaranteed lowest sale prices.
Crazy Eddie, his prices are IN-SAAAAAANE!
by commercialman December 10, 2006
originally an electronics store in New York, this term is now used to define anything especially insane
"She thought she could fly, crazy eddie!"
by broraper March 31, 2009
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