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A Crazy Daisy is a joke that a couple plays after having anal sex when semen is ejaculated into the rectum and then forcefully propelled by flatulence (See: Cum Fart) onto a sleeping victim's face.
"Dude I cummed in Julie's ass last night at the party and got her to Crazy Daisy Josh so she went out into the living room and cum farted it all over Josh's face! It was fucking hilarious!"
#crazy dasy #cum fart #cum poop #cum shot #crazy dasiy
by allcolorado May 17, 2009
The sexual act of standing or laying next to a partner, and flailing your dick in quick frantic circular motions while pissing or cumming. The act will simulate the 1990's summer hose spraying toy "Crazy Daisy," and will leave your partner sufficiently drenched in your fluids.
I was horny, and I had to take a piss, so rather than go downstairs to the bathroom, I just gave Christi the ole' Crazy Daisy.
#sex #piss #scat #cum #penis #pee #shit #jizz #crazy #daisy #flower #angry
by ConfederateFlorida June 22, 2008
A male who spontaneously and uncontrollably begins ejaculating, resulting in mass panic and hysteria...of a comedic persuasion depending on the circumstances.
Sean was dancing with a girl and then went off like a Crazy Daisy! It was hilarious!
#ejaculation #cum #daisy #crazy #comedy
by Yes Maybe May 08, 2007
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