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A typo made when trying to spell the word "crazy" that has developed into a well know variation of the word.

Much like pwn.
"Man you're so f**king craxy, I don't know what to do with you"
by Jon Fish February 17, 2008
Something so crazy that it deserves a word that comes sooner in the dictionary.
That's so crazy, it's craxy!
by dan bernitt September 13, 2008
A descriptive word for the behaviors exhibited by chronic users of crystal methamphetamine and/or crack cocaine.
That tweeker is so craxy she can't even sit down for more than five minutes.
by Rong1 February 10, 2010
a cross between the words "crazy" and "sexy", meaning crazy sexy.
Dev is going to find a craxy boy while in Panama City, and then they will bang.
by kozlo. :) March 31, 2009
Craxy is a term that defines a bitch that you think is crazy and is on crack. Instead of say that bich is crazy, or that bitch is on crack, use craxy. Pronounced crack-see.
See that bitch over there? She is craxy.
That bitch is craxy.
The bitch is craxy.
by buckguy November 17, 2009

Another form of the word crazy that is severely abused by the O'Connell Clan.
Member: You guys are craxy.
by kylergillespie July 29, 2009
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