A mythical creature who dwells only during daylight hours. Moonlight is said to burn the flesh of a Craven, much like sunlight burns the flesh of a vampire.

A Craven is said to produce too much blood, and therefor, they need to relieve themselves of it daily, to prevent themselves from drowning within themselves.

Craven's are said to be the perfect companions for Vampires, if only they were able to walk within the same light.
"The vampire really needs to feed, it's too bad there isn't a Craven around!"
by KTKaulitz November 24, 2009
Top Definition
some one who is overly into some thing or some one.
man 1 - yo this girl keep ringin me, txtin me, i already gt 10 missed calls to day..
man 2 - shes craven!
by Raven.S June 25, 2007
The act of pickin' up a buddies left overs.

Just before your friend is through with a girl, you start to move in on her. 'Pullin a craven'
Man, that's the second time he's pulled a Craven on that kid.

Don't you fuckin' Craven me this time. I actually like this broad.
by Dereks Boy November 12, 2011
A word to describe a maniac, the word may also be used to desribe his/her actions.
Craveheart - someone who is seen as a hero amongst his friends for his actions.

Person: I'm craven a fag now after this wank.
Person: I'm craven a wet willy.
Person: On Craven!
by Paaaaaaaaaaatriiiiiiick September 23, 2013
To pull a 'craven' is an idiotic expression of the way you speak act and live!
(idiotic expression said) OMFG that is a craven moment right there!!
by Jamesboz09 February 13, 2009
A hipster-girl who likes anime, videogames, and is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. She's hilarious, talented, crazy-smart, and everybody develops either girl-crushes or romantic-crushes on her. She's the bomb and if Craven is in your life, cherish her.
I miss Craven.
by missmygovlove September 16, 2012
the state of craving something (some type of food) because you are hungry or peckish.
i'm feeling craven for fish and chips
by ichunk November 20, 2010
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