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A small town in Shropshire that is an enclave of the Bronx ghetto. People of Craven Arms carry knives around with them to piss people off at parties.Possibly the smallest town to have a mosquito. The people of Craven Arms are all gangsta blaa and say CA TID (til i die). if you stay there it will be soon. Of no significance naturally or attractively, housing in this place is randoma and distasteful
Lets turn the windows up, we're in Craven Arms!

Teacher: Here is a picture of a slum
Smart Alek: looks like Craven Arms
by Winkwinkwinkhaha May 18, 2010
A small retarded town on the Welsh borders. 'The heart of the Marshes'. The inhabitants are stinking mountain monkeys which are all inbred and sleep with each other. The leader of the Male 'pack' is called Adam Preece who's five wives include Jasmine, Louis and Liz (his mum).
'You live in Craven Arms! Everyone point and laugh!'
by Mr Wobble January 27, 2004
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