my ass is crass from the brown grass, it shall not pass, but alas, i fisted in mass, with forced induction, caused by the futile suction of bernhagen reproduction.
crass in the ass lets do it together. crass in the ass its not just the weather.

thats just SUPERFICIAL crass!!!!!!!
by Mr Procrastination April 09, 2005
not really the greatest band in the world... but a good band
crass kicks ass
by davey havok May 16, 2003
A human or object whose rectal region is the color, texture, or flavor of a cranberry.
Morgan ran from the officers, and blended in excellently until one spotted his blatant, red, anus.
by Moonman4trillion December 27, 2004
a ANARCHOTIC PUNK band with no actual musical talent.
They couldn't play their instruments and used crappy radio clips in there songs.
They had one good song out of many horrible.
they were smart, but sucked at music
Hey, what's that sound? its like nails on a chalkboard

Oh no, it's actually crass
by Televison_bizzle August 19, 2006
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