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The act of being dressed in a provocative way that says let's have sex but I have self respect and high standards like my heels. A combination of the words trashy and classy.
We looked so crashy last friday night at the club.
by sydney1322 March 06, 2012
Crashy (adj) a description reserved for ridiculously glamorous and sexy ladies. The act of being "crashy" is a delicate balance of classy and trashy. When expertly executed, a lady's appearance would seem to say "My standards are high just like my heels, and I have self-respect" and "I am going to rock you all night long". Glitter is highly recommended.
Friend- "WOW! You look like Audrey Hepburn met Snooki! How'd you pull it off??"
You- "Why thank you! I wanted to look young and still have fun tonight, but not look totally like a baby prostitute :) "
Friend- "Neat-o! Very crashy!"
by Kara2525 March 06, 2012
Adjective: Prone to crashing one's vehicle or other mode of transportation.
Candace Cho missed the drive-way again and bottomed out on the curb outside of Popeye's. She is so crashy.
by Nitrousdave August 15, 2011
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