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1) A killjoy who destroys things and takes pleasure from it. (Reference to Danger Days: True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys).

2) A female who participates in destructive and unsafe behavior, despite the cost. Typically, these individuals are teens or young adults, but they can be any age.
Example 1:
The crash queen opened fire on the group, simply smiling as the bodies fell to the floor.

Example 2:
A: That girl may be a crash queen, but she has a smokin' hot bod! I think we should go out.
B: Think about it: she takes tons of drugs, drinks like a fish, has sex with everything she sees, and chain smokes. Do you think that crash queen is gonna live long enough for you to date her?
A: Who cares? She's sexy.
by Omnomnom March 01, 2012
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