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1. of or like crap; marked by or given to an crappy, large-scale display.

2. dramatically painful or dismal.
Q: "How was the dinner with your in-laws?"
A: "Absolutely craptacular. I wanted to eviscerate them within the first five minutes."

Q: "I see you're back at work. You must be feeling a lot better."
A: "Actually, I'm just out of sick time. Still feeling craptacular."
by Ironsides74 January 19, 2010
1 0
Spectacularly crappy
"You're home movies are craptacular Chris."
by Mighty J January 27, 2004
529 116
Word made up by bart simpson to describe the defective christmas lights his dadhomer purchased.
They're craptacular, dad
by Me!! November 22, 2003
272 47
The supreme level of crapiness. It is so crappy its spectacular.
holly shit dude your room is craptacular
by Kevin M. Baker February 19, 2003
192 58

1.What Bart Simpson said when he saw Homer's Christams-Light decorating abilities.

2. Really crappy

3. A really bad-looking thing.
It's as craptacular as cow-pie.
by Bob April 10, 2004
104 36
Overhyped mediocrity
The People's Choice Awards are craptacular.
by John October 28, 2003
104 54
the state of being spectacularly crappy

origin: The Simpsons
This freaking cheeseburger tastes craptacular
by smellyiguana November 20, 2003
72 31
Iadj./I notable or spectacular in its poor quality
I threw together a craptacular book report at the last second.
by Ian Maxwell October 15, 2002
64 24