The coffee you get at little garage's and rest spots. It looks like you may just have enough coffee in your hot water to make it coffee, officially. Usually vile, watery muck. Not recommended to ask for a Crapacinno when at work.
Customer at rest stop: Can I have a Crappaccino please?

Server: A what?

Customer: You know, a "cappuccino"?

Server: Oh, that!
by EvelynTurtleDove January 07, 2011
Top Definition
Descriptive of a bout of diarrhoea that leaves the bottom of the toilet looking not much unlike the fluffy top of a cup of cappuccino.
'Fucking hell John, I shouldn't have that kebab last night, I ended up having a crappaccino in the toilet pan this morning'
by Freshmans November 20, 2007
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