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A punk band from Huddersfield, UK
Oh my God, did you see the "Crap Factory" show last night? They rocked out!
by No1MusicFan November 07, 2009
A slang term for one's digestive system.
Time to fill my "crap factory"
by r3n October 28, 2002
1) dirt box, anus, chocolate starfish. an arsehole

2)a person who talks nothing but shit
ooh i`ve got to nip to the toilet it turning out time at the crapfactory
by dan bailey January 16, 2004
A baby.
Man, look at all that shit! Your kid sure is a fuckin crap factory.
by smackjer September 12, 2003
An infant, toddler, or anything else that shits uncontrollably.
Puppies, kittens, baby hamsters, horses, geese, kids in diapers, Crap Factory, etc.
by Jeremy Soucy February 14, 2009
Someone who is so totally useless in life that they only thing they can be relied upon for is to turn food into waste.
George W. Bush is such a crap factory.
by Earl September 16, 2004
(N.) A Springfield Elamentary School slang term for "Stomach."
Nelson punched Bart in the stomach because he called his "Gut" his "Tummy", when he was supposed to say "Crap Factory".
by G-Union 2 September 11, 2004
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