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The Act Of rolling in your very MASSIVE penis, so you can proform daily tasks, without your cock slapping you in the feet or dragging on the floor. A very hard task to preform. so mother, bothers, sister, fathers, friends, teacher. may help with this. normaly takes hours for those special people with the gift. (: *cough*meredyth;anna&bethany*cough**cough*
Meredyth- im soo tired!!
Anna- to much Crankn' it. ??
Meredyth- YESS took me 3 hours this morning.
Bethany- ohh, mine took agess aswell, soo mum helped me out,, got her panting too.(;

Anna- OMG, my mom is helpin me now!
Meredyth- uhh mine too. that what they are there for anywayyys.
by 5 hour cranker (; April 24, 2010
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