When you're cranky, and grumpy, and are just flat out pissy.
"Oh my god, she's got a bad case of the crankles!"
by Strangekitten January 17, 2009
Top Definition
Crusty and Ankles being compounded into one word.

Somebody with a unusual amount of crust on their ankles.
Eww look at Theleah she has crankles!
by Rofllollololol December 22, 2010
Crease left in your ankle by socks or tapered pants. Not to be confused with Cankles
Damn son your socks are too tight, you got mad crankles
by King Joffe Joffa September 21, 2011
Crankles: unusually skinny, bony ankles, which in comination with other observable traits, may indicate habitual use of methampetamine, also known as crank. A "crank skank", for example, would likely have crankles. Derived from the term "cankles" - its opposite.
"Check out the crankles on that ho!; bet she'll fuck me for this fuckin' phat rail!"
by Gemilie August 14, 2006
The condition which usually afflicts large ladies where the ankle and calf are nearly the same diameter
check out the crankles on that bloater
by darkman69 September 13, 2008
A person that gets inured easily, and constantly hurts themselves.
"I landed on my ankle playing basketball today."
"Yo, you're such a crankle!"
by coolest person April 20, 2008
A crack or pop of the ankle.
Adi was getting up from the sofa in a twisty way and cracked her ankle multiple times --crankle(s)
by Mo21 June 05, 2016
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