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someone who has hiv's
by sean January 16, 2003
Hoe, Bitch
Used as a Noun and Adj.
Why she actin like a cranka?
Her lil Crankin ass.
by Nara July 27, 2003
a girl that goes around and only gives head.
i was tryin to hit that but she gave me head instead. that broad is a cranka fa sho.
by sweetz June 24, 2004
an alchoholic drink consisting of cranberry juice and cheap vodka.
Cisco- "Can you believe Chris got drunk at the party?"
Tommy- "what was he drinking?"
Cisco- "That Cranka drank"
by Meggs901 December 01, 2010
Latin slang for the the drug named crank.
Hes been using cranka lately.
by sandSStorm May 24, 2005