When you think you are going to get a hand job, or something better, but the woman just grasps your dick between the tips of all her fingers and starts to pick up and drop your dick in the same fashion that one of those "Crane Games" that no one can never win at does
"Hey man how was last night with your new girlfriend?"

"Terrible, she was all undoing my pants all sexy like and shit, I totally thought i was going to get some head, but that bitch just ended up giving me crane, what the fuck!"
by Horse P. McTitties October 13, 2009
1) A type of wading, marsh-dwelling, long-legged bird
2) A machine utilised by builders as construction equipment, to shift heavy loads, materials, or supplies
3) (informal) An exceptionally attractive member of the opposite sex, typically a female.
1) Wow, check out the legs on those cranes!
2) This crane's getting old... I'm not sure if it's gonna withstand the rust any longer.
3) Wow! Check out the legs on those cranes!
by Alhadis June 29, 2004
to reach around one leg of a male and lift him into the air using his groin as a center of balance, usually in a bouncing motion that attempts to fight the force of gravity.

sometimes, two other people may pull down on the legs of the person being craned, which adds to his pain and the amusement of bystanders. this is referred to as the "group crane."
ah damn it, brandon just craned the fuck out of me and now i'm gonna taste pennies for a week
by DBOYZ FOO November 17, 2008
Previous definitions of the word crane have been incorrect.The word crane represents when someone is so fat they need a crane to move them.
Zoe's not just fat she's a crane
by Hamish5487 November 15, 2007
the little old man who lives in you stomic and comes out to make you do evil things and think evil thoughts when you take amphetamines esepecially foclin
i just blew some foclin and now i want kill the ecosystem
by aeztek February 19, 2005
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