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An ass-crack that gets exposed while BMX-ing vigorously. Gravity and fast peddling causing pants to edge down creating a "Crandall"
"Man, you'd better stop peddling so fast, you are getting a Crandall."
"Dude! I can see your Crandall from the ramp and it is gnarly!"
"Hey, pull your pants up! I don't want to look at your hairy Crandall!"
by Timothy S. July 27, 2006
Noun: a person who engages in frivolous lawsuits

Verb: the act of suing someone over something that is not their fault
The landscaper pulled a crandall on the property manager for allowing it to rain on his property.
by PD\/DW February 04, 2014
A crandall is a being slightly above human yet slightly below the gods

To dominate at anything and everything
Guy1-Man Kevin is destroying us today, how is he so good at this?
Guy2-What nobody told you? He is a Crandall that's why.
Guy1- Damn I wish I was a Crandall.
by i am the truth May 31, 2012
Typically used to describe a male that possesses very masculine features.
A "Mans man"
Older people would say "Look at the shoulders on this guy would ya".
In modern language you would say "That guy is a real Crandall"
by Thomas J S January 22, 2008
A man, who believes he is straight, however loves things a straight man would just never understand.
I.e. Bath and Body Works, shopping, Romantic comedies, candalls
Dude, why is your roommate such a crandall?
by Garrett Evans January 22, 2008