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One who displays extreme qualities of intelligence, extreme giftedness, and an extreme skill in many different fields.
Another 100% on your test John, you are such a Crandal.
by Brinza August 27, 2009
Crandal is an acceptable definition for a man with very little regard for personal hygiene, an irregular countenance (weird looking) and very poor spelling abilities. Crandals are often known to ride unicycles and twirl fire sticks.
"What's that terrible smell? It's awful!"
"Must've been that guy who was swinging on the tram bars."
"Eww, what a CRANDAL."
"Yeah, gross."
by Celooste June 11, 2008
A way to describe a negative thing
Man that off milk is crandal
by BTowns July 10, 2015

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