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Losing ones high-paying, high-profile job after getting caught trying to seduce an undercover cop in a bathroom.
Mike was craiged from his VP job after that airport bathroom sting operation.
by jrod147 March 11, 2008
2 3
Fans of the Late Late Show host, author, actor and stand up comedian Craig Ferguson use this term when he makes fun of somebody or something. Then he/she/it gets craiged.
"...poor larry king, got craiged again..."
by Craigfan January 08, 2010
8 0
To get craiged,
To be craig,
Craig david,
To be craig.
To take copious amounts of craig and turn into craig. Usually on a friday or saturday night and or both including sunday morning

Nick says "Hey jase lets get craiged tonight"
Jase says " i already am craig"
Nick says "i am craig as well "
Craig says" i am walking away "
by lowi February 04, 2014
5 0