constantly injures himself so that he can limp and gain sympathy as he think this is a way to pick up girls. obsessed with red, this is because he believes he is a demon child when in reality he is just a mong...this type of species commonly found in pairs, usually with a cairn (see UD for cairn). common catch phrases, 'thats how i roll' and 'you get me' even when there is nothing to get. can be seen as a demented frog and more often than not seen with a rape face. the name Craig is commonly associated with the 1983 rapist which is why Craig's are usually seen with a rape face. has a special dance which could be described as the hokey kokey however above all this is a very lovely person, just beware as he may rape you...
"yoo look at that lovely person doing the hokey kokey"

yo maan thats a craig hes got the venomous red on, watch out he may rape you check out the rape face"

"ah shit yeah damn his dance almost lured me in, thanks man you got my back"
by yobabes December 24, 2012
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wow, look at Craig! he's a fox!
by simbeault July 28, 2008
This person is just so great. He will always be the guy who takes your breath away without trying. He is the most amazing. The girl who has him is the luckiest person in this whole universe! This one special man is the most amazing, most caring, most loving, most concerning. He keeps loving and loving and never stops. His looks are everything a girl wants. This person knows what to say at the right time, knows when to comfort at the right time. Being a Craig is a honor, becuase he sets the bar so high!
Danielle-> Wow look at him!!
Shelby-> I know, hes a craig : ) He makes me smile!
Danielle-> Aw man your lucky to have a craig, wish bob could act like a craig....
by FANMWU May 14, 2009
Being lazy without intentions of doing anything
I sat around and Craiged all day.

Instead of sitting at home, come over and we we'll Craig all day.
by Ben Hogenkamp February 25, 2008
The most amazing guy you will ever meet. He is funny, thoughtful, intelligent, understanding and above all: a bad ass. He is never afraid to try something new even when he knows it will probably turn out bad. He's on the internet too much. He may come off as a hipster but usually not. Loves music. Hates stupid people (who doesn't). As a friend, he might seem like a gay best friend. He's there for his girl-friends to listen to their problems and help them through it. But he is far from gay. As a boyfriend, you will not find someone more loving. He is honest, caring, sexy and is always there to make her laugh whether she needs it or not. When he says he is in love he means it until the very end of time. Nothing could come between him and his love for her. The girl who has him is the luckiest girl in the world and if she has any sense at all, she will not let him go for anything.
"Why am I laughing so hard around this kid? He's awesome!"

"He's Craig, that's why!"

"Wow, that makes a lot of sense now..."
by Wiggles416 August 25, 2011
The codename for the act of smoking marijuana; used primarily in public places
"Are we craigin tonight after class?"
by Craig Krakerz July 10, 2008
I Craiged that girl all night. she will never able to be satisfied by another man or women for that matter.

That guy i went out with last night was such a Craig.

Yo man Craigin aint EZ.
by CraiginaintEZ April 16, 2009
Craig- A tall, adorable yet handsome, good looking, charming, Sophisticated male with a huge dick that fits perfict, long curly hair that twists into ringletts and blue eyes that sparkle in the light.
A guy that knows what you want unless hes trying to do something romantic then he breaks down to try to get you the perfect day or gift because you mean that much to him.

Someone who puts a smile on your face. Someone who will lay there life down to save your. Do anything for. Someone that knows what they can loose if they loose you. Hes a guy that doent have to have sex with you, just hoding your hand is as good as gold. He is a great kisser and always leaves you lips with a warm tinggling sensation and your heart wanting more. He will never hurt you, he thinks the world of you and he would give you world if he could.

He will get down on both his hands and knees to ask your forgiveness if you just randomly say owch when your in his arms.

Will give you anything you want. (Damian)
Craig- Lauren, will you marry me?
Me- =o.... YES!
by Me you and one on the way =) June 14, 2009

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