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1-The one and only Craig Downes (besides his triplets) is a part animal.
2- This elusive man is originally from Speers, Pennsylvania, but now resides in Conway South Carolina
3- He can often be found: at bonfires, on the beach kicking jellyfish, going to class at CCU, Gazing at the stars, or working the local street corners... ps if you find him here please return him to UP, drinking heavily, or attending church
4-No one can quite understand how he manages to make time for church with his hectic schedule full of parties and keggers
5- The only way to catch him is by using a cast net
6- Take as many pictures with him as possible.
Did you see "The Craig Downes" last night he is a crazy man.

I wish I could pull a Craig Downes and still live to tell the story.
by #TheOneAndOnly April 17, 2012

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