1-Rhyming slang for 'Piss', first invented in Carnaby Street
a-Fucking hell, that G&T went through me quick, I need a crackle and hiss!

b-Look after me bags, I need a quick crackle
by ModForIt January 23, 2005
Top Definition
Those little white stinky rocks of funk that you cough-up from the back of your throat. Super-powered funk is released if they are mashed between your fingers.
Man, get a whiff of this funky-ass crackle I just coughed-up!
by fatphilly September 15, 2006
An adjective describing the sound one hears when another individual occupies a nearby stall in a public restroom.
The worst part about the rest-stop was hearing the crackle next to me.
by rimjobasaurous October 07, 2010
A qualifier similar to shizzle, except commonly used by white folks.
"Fo' crackle, mah nackle."
by XBHS Lunchtable March 19, 2004
My little nickname for crack so when I tell my friends I'm about to smoke some they will all giggle and not poke fun so much at me for smokin crack.
"Hey guy's, I'm gonna step outside and finish off this crackle"

Geez D Wray your so crazy (Everyone giggles)
by D Wray December 10, 2003
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