A word used by black people to tease them, just like nigger.

It comes from black people who noticed the white people having pale skin and relativly dry much like a salty cracker wafer.
It was first used and publicised by the Black Panthers and Malcome X who at the time said White Cracker. It was also used by Bill Clinton to describe white voters to win the vote of black people in the US.

White people think this word comes from Slavery when the white man would use the whip or cat & 9 tails, which is false and wrong.

The word originated in the Southern states in the US and in Britain.

The word can also be used to describe "Poor" white people on welfare from trailor parks used by the white man.

Conclusion: A derogatory word to describe the White man, like honkey and cracker baby. Though white people think its no offensive, it is very much so. That if you call them a cracker, there face will Turn red immidiatly.
white man: her nigger
black man: hey cracker

black man: Whats good cracker, you do know that every race other then crackers hate you.
white man: i though so, thats why I dont have friends..
black man: yeah, that might be part of the reason
by J'Love June 01, 2009
Supposed "racist" term referring to white people, because they "cracked" the whip at the slaves. So, if you think about it, its quite a positive term.
"Dees cracka ass crackers be whippin at mah shit."
by Steven January 25, 2003
the bitch that just got off the shaft
hey cracker,enuff with the lewensky, turn around and bend over...
by wheresallthewhitewomen August 10, 2008
The term “cracker” is universally thought to be a racist derogatory term for people of European ancestry. Mainly said by scape-goating blacks and Mexicans (and sometimes Asians and Indians) in a failing attempt to put down the white race (for basically existing), people underestimate the TRUE definition of the word, which is:

C-Controls &
A black dude and a Latino dude are both playing basketball together in a park by themselves. A white dude approaches near them carrying a sports bag. Minding his own business, he starts to get his basketball out and begins playing on the other half of the court. The black and Latino gentlemen both stop, turn around and observe him.
The black dude then shouts, "Hey cracker, what'cha doing'? Get 'cho white azz off this court! It ain't yours!"
The Latino guy adds, "Yeah, that's right, whiteboy! Go away!"
The white guy looks at both men and says, "Thank you guys for calling me 'cracker.' I'm flattered. Know why? Because 'cracker' simply stands for Caucasian race actively controls and knows Earth's resources!"
The black and Latino men both stare completely speechless and dumbfounded as the white guy picks up his stuff and walks away laughing his ass off.
by Whatever, does it matter? October 21, 2007
A non-racist name for a white person. While this name has a lot of history and is deemed to be not politically correct, this is untrue and over sensitive. In contrast the N-word is racist because it is usually said with hate,malice,ignorance and is intentionally derogative. The impact of the word cracker pales in comparison. Any one who is offended by this word should catch up on some black history, it might put it all in perspective for you. Not everything that is racial is racist. Fuck Political Correctness, I believe in complete free speech. If you choose not to use a word (eg. the N-word) you have my respect, but I wouldn't be offended if you called me a Paddy or a Mick.
Black guy: Hey cracker.
White guy: Hey john. Whats goin' on?
Black guy: Nuthin much.
by Irish Dave01 August 14, 2007
a semi-racial term which is on no level as bad as the n-word. Some whites get mad when blacks say it but others treat it as a minor joke.
Anybody want cheese and crackers?

I'm getting tired of these crackers, acting like they own the world!
by e m November 26, 2006
A citizen of Georgia who is of Anglo-Saxon/Celtic descent; ususally follows the word Georgia.
He may have lived here in North Carolina for the past 20-some years, but his accent reveals that he is just a Georgia cracker.
by James Cox August 29, 2006
A term used to try to piss white people off. It is not nearly as offensive as racist terms used on other groups simply because whites oppressed all other groups of people and basically owned the world. Why would someone be insulted if they were called "cracker" when crackers were able to conquer the globe with superior technology. Not very offensive. On the other hand the word nigger or chink is offensive when said by a white person blacks and asians were pushed around by whites. Slavery, Interment Camps. Although genocide is a horrible thing it is undeniable that whites conquered the world
Hitler, Napoleon, Eistein, Isaac Newton, Slavery, Interment Camps, Holocaust- All crackers who made unbelieveable discoveries or conquered much of the world and were able to because of their intelligence.
by DealWithIt February 14, 2008

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