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A gentleman or gentlewoman who fornicates in / or under more than 50 percent cotton linens. If wearing denim the crabe is rejected, as not full crabe has occured.
Garth: Yo bro you crabed last night I heard?
Bates: Had to, got pressured from the fam, it was the only way out.
Garth: Heard you had denim on, doesnt count.
Bates: Oh damn, I was almost a craber? Shit.
by Keith Stoner January 09, 2011
a person who jerks off under covers and chooses not to jerkoff with just his hand in his pantz
Jeb: thanks for takin all the covers Tito, well at leats i wont be a craber
Tito: huh?
by Craber101 March 18, 2005
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