to chill, to relax, do nothing etc
We're all crabbing out at yours tonight okay?
by Nikstarr April 06, 2003
Crabbing involves an intricate process of anal penetration, then ejaculation into the partners'(male or female) bunghole. After these steps have been completed, the fucker sucks the cum out of the suckee's asshole with a straw forming a red, white, and brown solution.
Ben and Alex were banging eachother from behind then Ben finished and sucked out his fatty mcnut from Alex's money-hole.
by Seymour Butts April 05, 2005
When one fag blows his load in another fags ass, and then proceeds to suck out the jizz with a straw. AKA felching
hey fag 1, would you like to go crabbing?
sure fag 2, sounds great.
by Long Island August 13, 2004

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