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When someone goes down on a girl who has crabs.
Example 1: "I got that guy to go crabbing last night."
by MATT44E October 05, 2012
When a crab decides to inflict itself (perhaps, it's aura) upon someone. To crab them up.
I'm crabbing you up, man!
by Patrick Mescall February 17, 2003
Similar to planking or owling, it is a form of public trolling in which one walks in a sideways manner with their arms extended and hands forming pincers.
Did you see Zoidberg crabbing last night on Futurama?
by crabbingmonkey November 10, 2011
Profusely talking out of your arse. Exaggeraterating ability and knowledge of any subject. "Giving it all that".
Stems from the joke "A crab walks into a bar...."
Don't let me on the stella boys - coz the last time i was on it i absolutely battered this lad....
I could have played Division 1 football.
These are prime examples of "Crabbing It"
by Will January 16, 2005
crabbing is an act of mutual mastubation between a man and a woman. the man will place his thumb inside the females anus and place his index and middle finger inside the vagina at the same time, making his hand in to the shape of a crabs claw, whilst opening and closing his "claw"!
she was riething in pleasure when i gave her a good crabbing
by mike January 06, 2004
Crabbing involves an intricate process of anal penetration, then ejaculation into the partners'(male or female) bunghole. After these steps have been completed, the fucker sucks the cum out of the suckee's asshole with a straw forming a red, white, and brown solution.
Ben and Alex were banging eachother from behind then Ben finished and sucked out his fatty mcnut from Alex's money-hole.
by Seymour Butts April 05, 2005
to chill, to relax, do nothing etc
We're all crabbing out at yours tonight okay?
by Nikstarr April 06, 2003