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A weekly sporting event hosted by local celebrity Kris Littler. Hermit crabs with numbers on their shell are picked by the bar patrons and given names, example: Crabracadabra, Iona Trailer, Amanda Beunder. The crabs are then put under a bowl in the center of a specially built crab racing table that is Peta approved. 10 qualifying races are held, each heat winner gets a prize and then all 10 winners have one final races for a grand prize.
Come to Trafik to see the Crab Races with Kris.
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A fun game amongst intentionally dirty unwashed people (gutterpunks, crusties) to race their body lice gainst each other. Body lice live in dirty unwashed wellworn clothes and bedding
Gutterpunks like having crab races
by Dirty Danny September 03, 2005
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