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When a man wears jeans or pants that are too tight in the crotch area and the testicles are extenuated, one on each side of the crotch seam, thus visually protruding like crab eyes.
That guy's jeans were so tight he had crab eye every time he moved his legs.
by GatorZap January 22, 2014
Usually used when referring to a person that either slightly or largely resembles a crab. You can spot a crab eye straight away by measuring the distance between the eyes, usually atleast 5cm apart.

Although a crab eye could seem quite cute or friendly at first, do not be fooled, as their black beady eyes hold many sinister powers.

Look a crab eye in the crab eyes and it could be the last thing you ever do.
Tom: "OMG check out that crab eye."
Lisa: "EW that's gotta be atleast 10cm on that one!"
Tom: "It's actually quite cute."
Lisa: "Don't look it in the crab eyes!!"
Tom dies.
by jubberz September 24, 2010
Like cutting glass, pencil erasers, smuggling raisens.
Dude, I totally have wicked Crab Eyes right now!!!
by cocknockers December 29, 2008
Erect nipples (generally female) visible through clothing due to chill or arousal.
It's so cold out, Wendy got the crab eyes. She could cut glass with those things.
by Jackson Publick October 07, 2008
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