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A dance that symbolises the movement of a crab, often accompanied with arched legs, and movement of arms and hands like pinsors.
My Chumphreys did the crab dance, it was hilarious!

He promised us a Crab Dance at the end of the year
by Besco June 18, 2008
the "crab dance" (from the French danse de crabe) - a technique that can only be mastered during periods of extreme inebriety. involves arms and legs simultaneously moving in random raving-style, crab-like motions.
"andy stop doing the crab dance in front of the tv! we can't play goldeneye or watch the hebrew hammer!"
by NotoriousBrazilianG April 09, 2005
The act of puffing out your chest, raising your arms as claws, and moving quickly from side to side as if you were a crab.
Richard, do the crab dance!

Give me a cigarette first.

Nonono, go home.
by mikeythestud January 12, 2010
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