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When you go down on a hooker and wake up with golf ball size cold.
When I was in Vegas I ate out this hooker and woke up with a Crab Cake on my lip.
by b38 July 28, 2006
17 38
Someone outside of your clique who hangs around idly and won't leave.
Man, I hate fucking crab cakes. (in their presence)
by JDizMit November 18, 2008
740 38
Noun: An infected or extremely undesireable vagina.
"I'm not hitting that whore's Crab Cake."
by jagorev October 04, 2005
55 25
The second set of boobs that that you get when you sit down and your stomach fat intertwines with your boobs (especially Men's), making large lines appear.
Sometimes, people like Kaleb, can make their Crab Cakes dance.
Alex: Well, that's a nice pair of Crab Cakes you got there, Kaleb!
Kaleb: Thanks.
Mary: Woah, Can you make them dance?
Kaleb: Why, yes I can!
by Alexandra Conde March 30, 2008
23 10
The most amazing food on the planet. So addicting and delicious.
Candy: "I could live off of crabcakes."
Beth: "Theyre so good!"
by crabcakemaker April 12, 2011
6 1
When a girl has crabs and a yeast infection, the yeast makes the cake and the crabs make the crab cake.
Crab cakes are disgusting.
by Eric Nelson January 26, 2008
10 12
A really smelly minge that makes you wanna heave!
Fuck me darling have a wash you smell like a crab cake
by Achmed Baliman March 04, 2009
7 20