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Marlboro filtered regular cigarettes
I don't smoke them lights, I smoke Cowboy Killers.
by Cary November 30, 2004
EXTREMELY common word used to describe a hard packed, or very harsh cigarette. Most commonly used when talking about Marlboro Reds, 100's, Camel 99's and sometimes Newports.
Hey, can I borrow a cigarette?
Yeah, heres a marb...
Woah no thanks, dont smoke the cowboy killers.
by Isar February 08, 2006
Marlboro cigarettes. The name comes from the old marlboro ads in which cowboys were portrayed smoking cigs, thus the name cowboy killers.
Cowboy killer 100s please!
by Dee Lauris September 29, 2004
Marlboro Cigarettes. Cigarettes. Tobacco
Uncle Bob died of lung cancer, those cowboy killers got him.
by TIMJB1 September 21, 2006
Marlboro Full Flavor Cigarettes/ Marlboro Reds. Given name cause of old ads with the "Marlboro Man", a cowboy who smokes Marlboros.
Kid 1: got smokes?

Kid 2: yea cowboy killers
by carlbittner October 25, 2008
1. Marlbro Reds; Ciggaretts
1. Damn Frank, that old ass cunt is smokin' those COWBOY KILLERS. She's one hardcore bitch
by Texas Two Step June 09, 2008
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