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An annoying, whiny, frustrating person.

Occasionally used endearingly, this word is always used after somebody makes a mistake.
Caitlin - Lombards? Isn't that the box shop?

Margaret - Oh. My. God. You're such a cow whore!
by MaRockOOOO October 29, 2009
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A woman or man attempting to act and or look country but successeding only in looking like a whore.
Look there Jimmy, it's a cowwhore
by yourman96 May 03, 2015
a random insult when theres actually no reason to be in sulting a person. Really confuses and offends them so you get to laugh.
betty: can i sit here?
sue: no.
sue: because your a cow whore
by dispatch131xhd June 08, 2005

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