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Definition: An ugly whore with fat cow tits. "Ugly" referring to "non-attractive. " "Whore" referring to a slut that grabs your package than asks your name. "Fat" refers to Obese. "Cow Tits" refers to those pastey-white flabby tits that belong on a cow or other beast. A Derogatory term used for insult, commonly used when said "Whore" grabs your package.
"I'm married, don't touch me you Nasty Cow Tit Whore!"
"When my wife sees that Cow Tit Whore, she's gonna knock her bitch-ass out!"
"The Nasty Cow Tit Whore flashed me and I threw up a little in my mouth."
by Don't touch me Whore September 25, 2006