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The couture hipster is the fashionista of the hipster realm. Both male and female couture hipsters spend money primarily on clothes, scarves, sunglasses, and assorted esoteric accesories from designers and local boutiques but frequently supplement clothing from thrift stores (not always inexpensive), goodwill, and salvation army. They are the kings and queens of Alt fashion. As far as personal hygiene goes they run the gambit from washed to practically putrid. It's the clothes that matter.

The Couture Hipster busies his or herself searching out bargains on vintage clothing by designers that are no longer in business. Sometimes they even make or alter their own clothes and jewelry.

antonym: Dirty Hipster
"Dude I spilled my PBR! Hand me your scarf!"

"Dude! this shit's Vivienne Westwood!"

"Dude, you're such a couture hipster"
by CrystalTOOTH January 08, 2010
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