A hillbilly term for wife.
Hank: No, it's my cousin's.

Kahn: Isn't cousin a hillbilly term for wife?
by Entr' Acte January 24, 2010
another way of saying mate
what's happening cousin?
by rock November 27, 2004
Anyone who isn't related to you, but you want to claim they are to get them a discount that only works for family.
At AMC Theaters, so many of the employees kept saying that they were bringing their "cousin" when it clearly was just a friend to get the "free tickets for family" so they said "no cousins" in the policy.
by Name-42 May 25, 2012
A creeper- someone who is doing things such as facebook stalking, acting like a creeper or actually stalking someone.
"Sheesh can you stop being a cousin for a hot minute?"
by DJBUZZCUT November 19, 2011
Your Blood, Some One Who You Care About , Your Parents Brother's Or Sister's Child , Or Some One You Would Consider A Best Friend Because They Know Everything About You <3
I Love My Cousin He/She Is Like My Bestfriend
by Badvibee August 11, 2013
Like a brother to me. My bestfriend. 1 of 2 of my closet cousin.
whos my cousin hes my bestfriend
by beadleslover15 February 22, 2011
Fake name/description for your significant other in an attempt to cover up your cheating. Very prevalent in states like Florida.
If you ever get caught cheating in a picture just say " nah its all good yo, he/she's my cousin"!
by Notyourcousinmaam February 24, 2014

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