1. A child of the brother or sister of a child's parents.
2. What neocons, members of European royal families, and rednecks call their spouses before getting married.
Well, when a family tree is reduced to a family bush, neocons, royal families, and rednecks are the result.
by jesster79 March 04, 2005
a term of friendly address to another
This is probably the greatest of all terms coined by V.R. at an upstate supermarket chain in Albany, NY.
Hey, cousin! You're nothin' more than a nickel-dickin' sidewinder!
by weave July 16, 2003
The oddly lacking-a-"t" official spelling of the word pronounced "cuzint" by members of communities in which nearly *everyone* is "cuzints" with nearly everyone else.
(Immediately following the mention of a member of the community) "That's my cousin, and so is (insert any name here.)
by Sarah Thompson October 18, 2003
Anyone who isn't related to you, but you want to claim they are to get them a discount that only works for family.
At AMC Theaters, so many of the employees kept saying that they were bringing their "cousin" when it clearly was just a friend to get the "free tickets for family" so they said "no cousins" in the policy.
by Name-42 May 25, 2012
n. marijuana

Derived from the code: "Cousin Herb", or herb. Used when trying to score a bag when you are parinoid that someone might be listening.
Do you think you could get ahold of your cousin for me?
by Webster Papadopolous July 11, 2004
1. To be vampyric; Reclusive, phobic of light, skin white to the point of translucency, a taste for human blood.

2. Bat-like
Geez, maybe you should go out today, you're turning into a bit of a cousins.
by Obafemi Martins April 13, 2008
What members of the LA based Crips gang use as a term for other members of thier gang, and also as a greeting for other crips.
Yeah we are all cousins on this block.

Whats going down Cuzz.
by CD April 06, 2003
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