a fuckin stupid ass skank who killed her awsome rock star husband Kurt Cobain. and she should fuckin burn in hell! why did Kurt even marry her in the first place? well anyway burn in hell u courtney love fans.
look there that skank courtney love who killed her husband Kurt Cobain taking off her clothes again.
by Taylor January 28, 2005
v. To marry a famous, successful, and/or talented artist (preferably musician), have his child, wait until he gets super rich, and then hire someone to kill him while you hide out in another city to establish your "alibi"
A: Did you hear what happened to Karl Coburn? AKA one of the most talented musicians of his time?

B: No, what?

A: His skank wife Cornelia Loathe totally Courtney Loved him.

B: No way! ...Bitch.

A: Totally.
by kristenssn June 03, 2010
a woman who was a the lead singer of the band hole. is actually a very good singer and an attractive woman. hole amkes good music and she is an inspiration to all gemale rockers. we could do with more like her. she may or may not have killed her husband kurt kobain (nirvana) but we cannot prove it. there are some suspicious things about his death but you cant prove that she killed him
stop being such bastards. even if she killed him, her music fucking rocks andyou shouldnt be calling her a ugly, skanky whore because of it.
by amelia June 02, 2005
k normally i wouldnt do this but i feel ver strongly on this. this is MY opinion, no offence to anyone.
An investigator hired by courtneylater revieled this things.

*he had 3 times th elethal injection of herion, someone witht hat much, couldnt possible make it over to the other side of the room and use a gun.

* the gun wasnt even checked for prints until amonth after.

* courtney took out $50,000 right tbefore kurt was found dead.

*kurt was ready to divorce.

*the suicide note looked more like a note saying he was leaving Nirvana. except for in the last four lines, which are in a completly different writing.
*Also the note had a quote on it which states "I'll be at your altar" something similar to that that courtney said years earlier.

please research and form your own opinion.

I htink the name of the sit eI found this on was CobainCase.com im not sure tho. look at the suicide note for yourselves.

If courtney did kill him i hope she fucking burns! but i dont now for sure she did, i cant pass this judgement. Personally i do think he was killed not suicidal, but u can find out what you think for your selves. I know this isnt the place for this but kurt was smethign special and he deserves justice. justice which he never got. a proper investigation, he is owed that, he never got it. RIP KURT COBAIN
go reasearch for yourselves. please dont delet i know this doesnt belong but it is something stronly misrepresented today.
see yoko ono,goldigger,cumdumpster,and cock holster
courtney love is a typical woman.most women are just like her.if see had better p.r. reps you would never know that she is a typical women.you would think she is perfect like all the other hollywood trash!
by killbill December 11, 2004
the most slutty ass whore in the world, i fucking hate her.
she killed kurt!!!!!!!!!!!
most ugliest skank to have ever lived
by gothic March 15, 2005

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