Courtney Love is a MURDERER!!!!! She did kill Kurt Cobain ...and reashearch before you say anything ..cuz if u don't u have not right in saying she didn't....and if Kurt Cobain really killed himself (wich he didn't) she would take care of Frances (her daughter)...she is soo ugly it looks like a dragon shit on her and sat on her and smired it around..and said wow you look like shit..and Courtney Love was like...wut evea i do i want....and so now she looks like anus ...Her music sucks ass as well ..she soundes like a pig being slaughtered...
Dude1- That is the uglyest thing i've ever scene!!!

Dude2- Oh My Gosh wut is that?

Dude3- Oh MY Gosh thats Courtney Love..

Dude1&2-Oh no wonder.....

My Kurt Cobain rest in peace!!!!!!
We miss u and ur amazing music !!! :'(
by (*)Super "L" & SUPER "S" (*) January 29, 2005
(1) The most hideous skank on the face of Planet Earth. So crude, disgusting, and repulsive that having sex with her should be an extreme sport.

(2) The true cause of Kurt Cobain's suicide. Wouldn't you if you had to wake up next to that every morning? Not even heroin could make her tolerable.
Letterman had what I thought was 10 pounds of shit in a 5-pound bag on his show the other night. Turns out it was Courtney Love.
by Richard Munch December 08, 2004
Can be used to discribe something or someone that is realy fucked up.
What's worse than courtney love on a tuesday afternoon?
by Enigma X November 23, 2006
A bitch who is not worthy of having forty-two entries to her name, which is why i'm writing this now, to make it 43.
I hate courtney love.
by Julian Mark Peter Bungard December 01, 2007
Basically a Synonym for a Horrible person
someone who uses people and then whines when they get caught
Also a member of the rock band Hole
"Damn Its Colder Then Courtney Love Up Here" - Will Tanner
by Will Tanner (SolaceMarine) March 06, 2006
No talent hack. Starved for attention, she has got pity down to a science. Kurt wrote her early "Hole" albums. Billy Corgan wrote her later ones. Trent Reznor made a song about her called "Starfucker Inc.". Fred Durst calls her for advice on how to get noticed more in the media. Is addicted to many drugs due to the fact that she is too weak to face her dismal reality as a fading star,but just by talking about her you give her treat her like a spoiled child. NO! No more for you!
"i am doll parts"... sounds very very "Nirvana"ish.

"When i wake up in my make-up"...Sounds very Smashing pumpkinish.

No really. Listen to that dribble Courtney Love makes then listen to "Nevermind" then "Melloncollie and the infinite sadness". If you don't know they wrote her albums then your kind of slow.
by melloncollieowl October 15, 2005
The exstripper who killed Kurt Cobain.. who will rot in hell...

Because she did it... its just like oj simpson... she so killed him that stupid selfish like crackwhore
Courtney Love is a music killer.
by wouldabeenKurt'swifey08 September 06, 2007

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