A dream girl, the one who steals the heart of the true player, one who can have exactly what she wants andgets it real quick! A beautiful girl with a little attitude. Sexy & fun
Kyle: Damn, thast girl got me hooked like courtney got him.

Tim: Naw, courtneys got him whipped...
by ohmyiloveher February 03, 2010
a loose ugly whore, torn wallet pussy
ew there goes that hoebag walking vag courtney
by jnte June 13, 2009
A girl who thinks she's all that. A stupid fat ass bitch. Usually dates an ugly Chinese guy. She smells like tuna fish. She wears short shorts even though she has a pancake ass. She is usually tall, but has the face and hair of a troll. Usually has glasses. She was probably dropped on her head as a baby, and her brain probably rolled out of her head, like a little sunflower seed.
Girl 1- "Awe they are so cute together"
Girl 2- "Yeah if she wasn't such a Courtney"
by Courtney hatein' bitch September 23, 2011
Courtney is a whore's name. Courtney's are never satisfied with one person in a relationshp. They often feel the need to cheat and be all over someone else while being in a relationship. Any girl named Courtney is someone not to be trusted.
Courtney is such a whore.
by CatchMeintheRye September 08, 2010
Completely obsessed with texting logan
Courtneys still up at 10:24 texting logan
by Not logan! May 31, 2010
The act of Courtneying is the use of shoulder pads with various styles of clothes.
I'll be Courtneying with that dress tonight.
by Kenno11111 February 06, 2010
a sweet cool girl who thinks of everyones feelings and is fun to be around! Loves dying her hair, and trying new styles and always makes a boring day into a fun day :D
Courtneys the shit
by khsltn February 05, 2010

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