(n.) Whore. Definitely a whore. A manipulative girl that tends to wear too much make up; can also be a liar and a cheater. Tends to obsess over other girl's boyfriends.
(adj.) Deceitful. Bitchy. Ugly.
Hey is that Courtney?
Yeah, she's a major whore.
by Haterrr(: March 30, 2011
An ancient Avatar name, used to describe the Na'vi like people who walk amongst us today. Their plan is to study us and learn our ways. Habits of the “Courtney” include drinking alone, dressing as teddy bears and dancing on bar tops.
Dude did you see that Avatar dancing on the bar?

Yeah, prolly a Courtney.
by Manager OD December 06, 2010
The last person you ever wanna meet. She will make you wanna rip your eyes right out of your sockets. She is a ho, and everyone knows it. She has the reputation for being a big ho and dancing in public with chicken slippers on.She's sitting next to me and I wanna jump off a bridge. Just the thought of Courtney being around me makes me wanna vomit all over the place. Courtney is usually a good student but that's just a coverup so people don't know she's a slutty whorebag. ;]
Omg did you see that girl she got an A+ on her test AND she's a total and utter SLUT. She's such a courtney. :)
by LLLAAAWWWLLL December 02, 2011
The biggest whore you will ever meet in your life.

A backstabbing bitch.

A girl that sleeps with 23 year olds.

Gets abortions.

Needs to go die in a hole.

Boyfriend stealer.

Enjoys to cheat on her boyfriends.

STD infested cunt.

Walking STD.

nickname: Whortney
chick #1: who is that girl with herpies on her face?

chick #2: o thats whortney...

chick #1: o the walking STD?

chick #2: yea that backstabbing bitch!

by Blalallalalalala April 22, 2011
an ugly girl, a self proclaimed whore, one who is still a virgin. pothead. cannot keep secrets or keep her mouth shut. friend to many whores. one with a pig nose.
did you see that girl? she's such a courtney.
by hatersanon December 11, 2010
a loose ugly whore, torn wallet pussy
ew there goes that hoebag walking vag courtney
by jnte June 13, 2009
A girl who thinks she's all that. A stupid fat ass bitch. Usually dates an ugly Chinese guy. She smells like tuna fish. She wears short shorts even though she has a pancake ass. She is usually tall, but has the face and hair of a troll. Usually has glasses. She was probably dropped on her head as a baby, and her brain probably rolled out of her head, like a little sunflower seed.
Girl 1- "Awe they are so cute together"
Girl 2- "Yeah if she wasn't such a Courtney"
by Courtney hatein' bitch September 23, 2011

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