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A very sweet compasionate young woman ready to help anyone out when in need. She typically worries a lot but can be calmed from her worries by a few simple words. She relies on God and always chooses to do the right thing. She also typically has beautiful hair & sparkling eyes. Courtney is very smart and loves to watch movies. Movie quotes are her favorite. Don't ever play trivia with a Courtney if you don't want to lose!
A beautiful blue-eyed girl named Courtney reminded me what life was all about today! She is your friend!
by Benderdundat February 03, 2010
When you pull a Courtney, you reach over your seat over the metal bar that connects the seat to the desk to pick up something you dropped, and fall over doing so. This often leads to embarrassment and everyone laughing at you.
Person 1: I feel so bad for that girl.
Person 2: Yeah, me too. I heard she pulled a Courtney last class.
by N@y November 23, 2011
notorious for giving hickeys
dayumm did you see that hickey that courtney gave that kid?
by anonymous456975 April 18, 2011
A writer of stream of consciousness literature. A Courtney is the queen or king of non sequitur. Courtney is destined to go far in life while taking a circuitous route. Those spending time with Courtney will find someone who is loyal and caring, with frequent bouts of spontaneity.
Have you ever read a story that was so random! It was totally Courtney!

It was so Courtney that it gave me whiplash!

What a Courtney! I didn't see that coming!
by DuskyDusky February 27, 2011
a confused gorgeous girl who doesn't know who she wants in life.
ughhh bella pulled such a courtney last night....i mean honestly, edward or jacob just fuckin pick one!!
by wantyourbadromaaance December 31, 2010
Courtney is the wind beneath my wings. She is the air that fills my lungs and the food that I digest. When her blonde hair whips my face in the wind my knees turn to jello. Strawberry jello. She is the meaning of life. She is the jesus in jeans. Her brown uggs make me smile and her smile makes my brown uggs. Her gentle caress gives me chills as I reach for a wheelchair. She has the voice of a siren, louring me in, only she doesnt kill me when I get there, as in the Greek mythology. When she sings Beyonces "Halo" it is like a combination of Marvin Gaye and Lady GaGa. I get lost in her blue eyes, I feel like I'm Merlin looking for my son Nemo in the vast ocean, approaching the East Austrailian Current. She is a wild tigress but also a gentle gazelle. I just want her in my belly. GET IN MAH BELLAYE!
The love of my life, is Courtney.
by Melinda Poo October 28, 2010
A very sexy girl that is corny and funny and sarcastic. Also known for being yellow and coming from Singapore. Has a wide social circle and a reputation for being awesome and a troller. Has multiple crushes at one time. Also loves anime and singing.
Mitsuru: Courtney is so sexy. I want to eat her!
Sam: I have already eaten her. ;)
by blehjame June 18, 2014