big ass skank extraordinaire!!!
Courtney Love is a nasty ass SKANK!!!
by 4 March 30, 2005
courtney love is nothing but a stoopid mofo, gay-ass, retarded, ugly, piece of shit, murderer, ass licker, pecker head, dick chin, cock suking, slutty whore!!!!!! Her name, and the word "musician" should NOT be used in the same sentence!!! She is a bitch, and she can't sing or make music for shit!!! She is NOT an artist, she is NOT talented (my skeehcssa makes better music than she EVER will!!!!), and she is NOT pretty. I HATE her for what she did to Kurt (may he rest in peace, and may his awesome music never be forgotten...), I HATE her for what she's doing to music (making people believe that her stuff actually IS music! How dare she!), and I HATE her for what she's doing to her beautiful, innocent little girl (Francis, I'm so sorry...)!!! She should burn for what she did, and then maybe we can write a fake suicide for HER that makes no sense and contradicts itself and see how SHE likes it!!! Bitch...
Oh my gosh!!! What the hell is that horrible sound coming from that ugly, stringy, slutty piece of dragon shit over there?? Is there a pig being slaughtered near by??
Nope, Courtney Love is having a concert...
Oh...Dude, that's just wrong...
by The Frisk February 10, 2005
1.eww it's courtney love

2.what idoits retardedly mistake the talented brody dalle for...
courtney love!!!...close your legs
by blah November 11, 2004
Insane crackwhore. Horrible mother. Black widow. Sounds like a dying moose. Her face looks like her neck threw up. Will burn in hell :)
Douche Bag: Heyy, wanna go to the Courtney Love concert!?

Sane Person: WTF! Why would I torture my ears like that??
by Kelsey & Denae July 17, 2008
selfish,fake media whore
very bad enemy to have
yet intelligent and funny
kurt cobain loved her and had his reasons. stop with your pathethic hate you so called nirvana fans.
courtney love is such a fake
by RapeMeAllTheTimeIdieForIt August 26, 2007
a fuckin stupid ass skank who killed her awsome rock star husband Kurt Cobain. and she should fuckin burn in hell! why did Kurt even marry her in the first place? well anyway burn in hell u courtney love fans.
look there that skank courtney love who killed her husband Kurt Cobain taking off her clothes again.
by Taylor January 28, 2005
1)The worst thing you can ever be called 2) the killer of grunge
you fucking courtney love
omg what wouldve happened to the music industry had it not been for courtney love
by Tony W gromit August 26, 2008

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